Pollutant free

Keeping our oceans clean and clear

Cruelty Free

Life is sacred, we will never test on animals

Irritant free

We only use what nature provides

We're different.

Our formulas are backed by time tested plant knowledge and modern science, making it safe and suitable for all skin types.

Made in Canada with natural ingredients; our soaps and formulated skincare is gentle, yet effective.

We are 50% more waste-resilient than the big box brands and it's all cruelty-free.

Upgrade your routine today, your skin will thank you! :)

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Still not convinced?

3 reasons to try our products.

✓ Ingredients don't lie:

We care about ingredient transparency, so we've partnered with an unbiased third-party company, named ' SKINFO '. They offer a vetted and fact-based ingredient list on all of our product pages so you can be confident in your purchase.

✓ Take only what you need:

Made with natural ingredients; our products skip the unneccesary "penny-saving" fillers and harsh chemicals. Our semi-synthetic ingredients, used sparingly if at all, are skin-conditioning, lightweight, and irritant-free binders, viscosity controllers, and emulsifiers

✓ Trust is paramount:

As a business built on an Indigenous foundation, trust is a big part of how we do business. In addition to our vetted ingredient lists, our products are approved by Health Canada, and the FDA. This means we are accountable to three seperate organizations, no surprises!

High-quality skincare, made in Canada.

Hand-made natural soap.

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