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Welcome our skincare brand is your premier online desitination for high quality, made-in Canada skincare.

We truly believe in the power of blending Indigenous plant knowledge, natural ingredients, and modern science to improve overall skin health. That's why we've carefully chosen our ingredients, known for their medicinal properties and many of them are Indigenous to Turtle Island (North America).

We are an Indigenous owned company and our mission is simple; to provide healthy, and nourished skin for all. Our branding is sleek, inclusive, and gender-neutral.

Our holistic approach to skincare, strives to minimize our envioronmental impact while still remaining competitive in the global market. We are proud to say that we are 50% (or more) waste-resilient than big box brands. This is because we use recyclable packaging, we manufacture in Canada which is a great carbon offset, since we don't import from overseas. Additionally, we use high-quality natural ingredients and water-based formulas, along with biodegradable and compostable materials.

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An anishinaabe word for "Black Bear".


The black bear, a symbol of strength and protection in Ojibwe culture, has a deep connection to nature. Our skincare products are inspired by this connection and use only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients to nourish and revitalize your skin. Just as the black bear thrives in its natural habitat, our natural ingredients help your skin to thrive.

Cruelty Free

Water-based formulas



From handmade soap to a full skincare line.

Humble Beginnnings

Makwa Skincare was created to provide a healthier and more natural solution to skincare, after years of disappointment with products from big brands that did not deliver on their promises.

Our brand's journey humbly began with handmade natural soaps made out of a kitchen; crafted with care and attention to detail, which set the tone for how our brand still operates today.

We have since expanded our product line to include various skincare essentials. In addition to our original hand made natural soaps we plan to continue expanding our product offering, including cleansers, toners, serums, and moisturizers, etc.

We are constantly searching for new ways to innovate and improve overall skin health, so join us and begin a more natural skincare journey.

Thank you for choosing to support our Indigenous skincare brand. We hope that our products can provide that natural, healthy and luxurious feel your skin has been craving.

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